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Unfold the evolution of Venetian cicchetti

Visiting Venice means not to miss out on the Venetian tradition of cicchetti. The word "cicchetto" stems from the spoken Latin language in which "ciccus" means "very small" and roots are found as well in the French word "chiquet", dervied from "chiqueter" meaning "to cut in small pieces". Thus, chiccheti are exquisite local bite-size appetizers which are unique to Venice and usually combined with a glass of wine, which is up to now known as "ombra", meaning shadow in Italian, as it was under the shadow of St. Mark's bell tower that demijohns were stored to keep the wine cool.
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- Private

Private Water Taxi

For a glamorous and stylish culinary experience, reserve our 24h Private Hostess Assisted Transfer and arrive at Danieli Bistro while exploring the Venetian Lagoon. Transfers need to be booked at least 48h in advance. The water taxi service is available from Cruise Ship Pier, Marco Polo Airport, S. Lucia Railway Station and Piazzale Roma for up to 4 people.
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- Marco Polo Airport

From Venice Marco Polo Airport

We are located in front of the S. Zaccaria boat stop (in St. Mark's Square), connected with the airport by the Blue Line of the Alilaguna public boat service. Travel time is around 1h20 and the tickets are purchasable in cash from the Alilaguna desk in the arrivals hall or on board. The ATVO bus service runs from the airport to Piazzale Roma, 45 mins away from S. Mark's Square by boat. No advance booking required as tickets can be purchased from the ATVO office in the arrival lounge. The bus terminal is in front of the arrivals hall and the transfer is about 20 mins long.
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- Treviso Airport

From Treviso Airport

ATVO runs a Eurobus service in conjunction with the arrivals of Ryanair and Transavia flights and the bus terminal is in front of the departure area. It is possible to buy tickets from the ATVO Office or from the Currency Exchange Office in the arrival lounge, no advance bookings needed. Travelling time is 45 minutes.
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- Lucia Railway Station

From S. Lucia Railway Station

The Venice Santa Lucia station is connected with the San Zaccaria bus stop (S. Mark's square, directly in front of Hotel Danieli) by waterbuses 1,2,41,51. Travel time is approximately 45 minutes depending on the waterbus.
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- Parking Facilities

Car Parking Facilities

From Monday to Sunday (8 am to 6 pm), Blitz Agency Office, located in front of City Parking Garage, will assist you when in need of valet parking assistance. Cost per car is min €30 per day. For any assistance or questions, contact our concierge.
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Danieli Bistro Call to Reserve: +39041782807